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More About Us?
Tuzungumzie is a Swahili word that means ‘let us speak together”.

Tuzungumzie Africa is a Non-profit youth organization that seeks to put the youth at the centre in the promotion of SDGs in Africa with special focus on SDG 4 Quality Education, SDG 5 Gender Equality, SDG 6 Clean Water and Sanitation, SDG 8 Decent Work and Economic Growth , SDG 13 Climate Change , SDG 16 Peace Justice and Strong institutions.

Tuzungumzie Africa started as a student debate club at Makerere University where students gathered to debate various issues and events in the country (Uganda) and mobilizing money for students with tuition arrears to enable them sit for examinations and soon there was a realization that Universities harbour a critical youth population that could do much to light candles of youth across Africa.

While we organise traditional seminars, conferences, dialogues, at the heart of the organization is the spirit of debate, subjecting challenges of the youth to critical thought and refinement. We subject the issues to research, debate among university students, group of critical youth in the policy think tank. And therefrom, we generate solution proposals. Classified into possible projects and policy proposals. The projects are rolled out in the community while policy proposals are pursued to the legislative and implementation bodies until they take effect. This is guided by practicability and sustainability

The focus is improving the quality of life through working with institutions at International, continental, National and community level to reform systems and promotion of best practices for ease of access and development of programs that can work for Africa.

Sustainable Development Goals

“The Sustainable Development Goals”


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Tuzungumzie HPV Awareness Poster

(SDG3) 100 Talents - HPV Awareness Campaign 2023

HPV Awareness Campaign 2023

With 6,959 women above 25 years diagnosed with cervical cancer and 4, 607 of these dying from the disease every year in Uganda, Tuzungumzie Africa and the Office of the 88th Vice Guild president Makerere University students Guild decided that this year we were taking it upon ourselves to give back to society through spreading massive HPV awareness, starting with indulging the Makerere students community in the initiative.

Tuzungumzie Security Symposium Poster

(SDG16) 100 Talents - Security Symposium 2023

Security Symposium 2023

Uganda's Security In An Era Of Cutting Age Technology And Digitalization.A series a talks with various Security agencies were held.

Tuzungumzie Women's Day Poetry Slam Poster

(SDG5) 100 Talents - Women's Day Poetry Slam 2023

Women's Day Poetry Slam 2023

The poetry will be based on self-composed content. .All poems should be inspirational, contain a message of call to action, and/or speak to the importance of empowering women. If selected as a finalist, the poet commits to attending the women’s day poetry event in person on 8th March 2023. The winner will be awarded the Women’s day poetry winners award and a cash prize of 400$.

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We Advocate

We work at all levels of society to influence decision making and policy change to work for the youth in promotion of and benefit from the promotion of SDGs.

We Enable

We create platforms where the youth can raise their voices loud enough to be heard, through arts, debate, policy formulation.

We Engage

We convene relevant stakeholders to increase awareness, commitment and foster action. Disturb the comfortable through constant relentless engagements.

Tuzungumzie Africa Team

Meet The Team

Scovia Aweko

Scovia Aweko

Chairperson Board of Governors
Lubega Moses

Lubega Moses

Vice Chairperson Board of Governors
Muhwezi Joshua Lawel

Muhwezi Joshua Lawel

Executive Director
Nakiggude Maria Speria

Nakiggude Maria Speria

Deputy Executive Director
Ssebagala Criba

Ssebagala Criba

Director of Programs
Asasiira Rachel

Asasiira Rachel

Director Planning and Partnerships
Ainemaani Marvin Conrad

Ainemaani Marvin Conrad

Director Human Resources
Bakunga Bronson

Bakunga Bronson

Director Of Information Technology
Timothy Bitamazire

Timothy Bitamazire

Administrative And Financial Director
Yunus Lubega

Yunus Lubega

Creative Content Manager
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